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Mibi - Piano Version Mibi - Piano Version

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This is live?

You're an amazing piano player! I just recently took up the piano and, as you might imagine, I'm terrible. I am definitely jealous, misspent youth not withstanding.

The piece is interesting. Not the kind I could listen to all the time, as it requires all of one's attention to appreciate, but certainly a stimulating composition.

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megalolord responds:

Thanks! Yes, it is live (well not in front of a public, but in front of the one that recorded it and that is doing an electro-acoustic version of the same piece). The thing about contemporary improvisation is that it's not the same skills than playing classical written music. It's more about creativity and to not be afraid of making loud noisy sounds or be percieved as ridiculous (see below for more details).

Thanks again (I really like how I arranged it (the musical evenements are well placed for contrasts))! I'm currently working on musical improvisation games (like society games) with rules and all. Maybe I'll post when I will record something (that's kinda rare)!